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Autodata Vooraad & opname app


Vooraad & opname app

Autodata (a Solera Company) provides car dealers with tools so they can focus more on their passion and less on the old-fashioned processes. By building several mobile apps we provide dealers with direct insights in their stock, dashboards about their sales and digital workflows for car rental, intake and processing. We focused on saving time and money while enhancing customer experience when designing and building the apps.

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Autodata Vooraad & opname app sleutels Autodata Vooraad & opname app smartwatch
Autodata Vooraad & opname app
Wit-Gele Kruis Accreditatie Boom app - auto Wit-Gele Kruis Accreditatie Boom app - auto Wit-Gele Kruis Accreditatie Boom app - auto
Hewlett Packard enterprise app

We built the first support pointer app for Hewlett Packard Enterprise. This super easy and intuitive app makes it easy to find contact information of the right person within the company when support is needed. Furthermore, employees can follow the latest HPE news and sector related trending topics.

Hewlett Packard enterprise mobile application

We're a leading Belgian agency to shape, build and activate mobile solutions worldwide.

Joyn mobile application

Shopping, doing business and living in the same neighborhood has never been more fun. Thanks to the smart Joyn Urban solutions, your city or municipality will transform into neighborhoods full of experience and rewards for residents by local merchants. The experience is enhanced by also providing all nearby merchants, where you can park your car, keeps residents updated about upcoming events, waste collection and much more.

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Vengo disrupting app

Bought a sofa, too big to fit in your car? An urgent delivery for your client? Vengo aims to solve these problems with this disrupting app. By projecting UBER- thinking on intermodal transportation we invented a platform where senders can post for example their sofa and get an overview on all available drivers in the neighborhood. When two parties agree on a suitable price, they can even pay online and track the sofa real-time!

disrupting app mockups Vengo disrupting app sofa
Cubigo service platform

Cubigo offers an easy-to- use, individually tailored app platform to provide wide range of high quality services from local care organizations to local and regional providers of key services that promote independent living. Apple selected the Cubigo app as one of their pre-installed apps on iPads distributed to care institutions.

Cubigo service platform mockups

We're a leading Belgian agency to shape, build and activate mobile solutions worldwide.

Toerisme Limburg

This experience-oriented app lets you discover the Belgian region by bike in a unique way. The distinctive approach starts with the users selecting from beautiful photos of the favorite and most beautiful spots of our province. Made of 37 bike loops based on nodes and unlocked through a wealth of photos, you’ll discover our province in a very different way!

Toerisme Limburg smartwatch application
Toerisme Limburg mobile application

To enhance the sales process of several big customers like Robojob, Belisol International, ASAP Interim Group, EDF Luminus, ... we provide them with a tailored sales app based on our Salesflow platform. Enrich customer contacts with interactive videos, documentation of products, a photo database, and much more. In short, sales made easy and attractive!

robojob_machine robojob_tablet

As an extra service for their clients, ASL Airlines provides clients with app to search for empty legs on private jets, do a flight request to a destination of choice with a specific airplane, or share a flight with other private jet owners. In their personal Flights overview they can follow their past and upcoming flights and the corresponding practical information.